Naturopathic Immune Consultations For You and Your Family

Be pro-active this winter about your health and have one of our naturopaths tailor an immune boosting health plan to suit you and your family.
The benefits of boosting your immune system prior to the cold and flu season:

  • Less chance of contracting viral colds and flus due to increased immune function
  • Shorter duration of illness if you do contract a cold or flu
  • A safe alternative to the flu vaccine with no bad side effects
  • Safe and effective for children who are usually more vunerable to catching viruses in day care and preschools.
  • An increase in overall health and wellbeing

Consultation includes:

  • discussion of individual concerns as well as past and current illnesses
  • Referral if required for further testing of important immune markers such as vitamin D and zinc status.
  • Tailored herbal and nutritonal supplementation to help boost your immune system.
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice to get you and your family through the winter months

Our Price: $60 for 1 half hour consultation (there is also a 1 hour consultation available for families –  enquire at reception)

To book an appointment with one of our naturopaths please call our centre on 9555 8806 or email : reception@darlinghealth.com.au