unique opportunities

In this time of COVID-19, we have a unique opportunity to listen. The world that surrounds us and holds us, has asked us to slow down. When things slow down, more information bubbles to the surface to either be held, released or harnessed. 

In its simplest form, what works for your body and what does not. During this time of slowing down, connecting to our whole body — yes our whole body — is a practice. A practice that can access our highest intent for wellness in all that we do. Not one person has lived your life or your experiences and therefore you are in prime position to connect to your body and know what is needed. Helping you decipher what needs to be held, released or harnessed. 

You see, while we have been asked to be still, we have the opportunity to notice and clear out those energies that no longer serve us and make way for the new. Intrinsically, your body knows if this thing/person/place/food etc is what we need to bring you to your highest good. This is Kinesiology’s founding principle, and our job is to listen. 

Ways to get in contact with your whole body

There are two ways to get in contact with your whole body. There is the whole body “yes” and the whole body “no“.

Try standing in front of something and asking “is this for me”? It can be a person, a place or thing.  It can be food or movement. Notice how it feels in your body.  Does it feel like a hell yes or does it feel flatter, less excited? Or perhaps laced with feelings that don’t sit well in your body ie. a no? 

Start to notice when somebody asks you to do something. For instance, to catch up, go for a cup of coffee or asks what you would like dinner. Notice your immediate instinctual response. Instinctual response is the immediate answer you get. You know, the one before our brain kicks in and tell you all the reasons why can’t or should do something — again, was the instinctual feeling a whole body yes or was it a no

Practice and Trust

Accessing and using your whole body yes and no is a practice. It takes time and a whole lot of trust, and at times stillness, but it is a driving tool that can certainly serve us well if we come to know our whole body yes’ and no’s well. Play with feeling if something is a complete yes or no for you and build your register of what this feels like in your body. After that, once you start to know this information, then you can turn to using this information for all areas in your world. 

During this time of stillness, we can hear our whole world speak to us, if we take the opportunity to listen. We are in unique times and have been gifted an opportunity. When we re-emerge, perhaps we will be empowered to be our best advocates in all that we do. 

Be well, Amanda Schembri x