Saying no

Saying No, so your Yes shows up.

At this time of year, we tend to over commit. We tend to say yes for fear of missing out or for fear of letting the other person down. 

Every time you say no, an energy is set in motion. 

You are sending a message out to the universe saying, this is how I am choosing to spend my time.  When you say no to those commitments that may push you, or your time, or your commitments, a space appears. A space where new energy can flood in of those things you wish to have in your world.  When our life is full there is little room for something new.  Saying no gives space for the new to land. 

When we have space, we have access to feeling if this thing, invite or person is something you would like to say a resounding yes to or, a discerning no. You know how it goes, when Alice asks you to join her and 10 friends down at the pub on a Friday night, and your instant reaction is no way BUT,  somehow before you know it, you are planning to meet her at 5pm for drinks on a Friday?!  How did that happen?!  That first instinctual yes or no answer or feeling we receive when we are faced with a question, invite or choice is generally our body working for us.

Our body is always working for our highest good.  Always.   

That instinctual yes or no we receive is our body advising us what feeds us, or those things that don’t.  It is our job to have the courage to follow our body’s initial yes or no answer.  Even if at times, it does not make sense!  
When we follow our instinctual yes or no things change, pathways open up and when pathways open Joy has the possibility to be. Unsure of what a yes or no feels like in your body? Play with feeling into your yes and your no this Christmas. Treat is as an experiment.  The next time somebody asks you a question, notice the instinctual yes or no response and follow it.  

If it all feels a little overwhelming and you couldn’t possibly know what is a yes and what is a no, start small.  Do you want tea or coffee?  Do you want your eggs fried or poached? The more you build on knowing what a yes feels like in your body and what a no feels like, the clearer we are when it comes to those moments that matter. Notice what arises in its place when you say no to those things you’d rather not do, and what takes its place as a consequence and how it affects your overall being. 

This Christmas say yes to the things that feed you and no to the ones that don’t and notice how it changes your world.  

Amanda Schembri xo