A Little Love From Our Clients

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Thank you both Darling Health and most of all Carmen, you have helped changed my life for the better. I love how you work at my pace and never over load me with suggestions or advice. Within one consultation, I knew my body and mind was in good hands. After my fourth consultation, wow! What […]


Amanda combines crystalline intelligence and rigorous up-to-date knowledge of the latest research with a gentle, deeply intuitive and empathic approach. She has been the lynch-pin in my ever-better health, enabling me to navigate both complex health and life events and an ongoing maintenance of my wellness.


I have had thyroid cancer and Amanda helpfully assisted. I received a clearance from this cancer and the treatment I was given from Amanda was amazing, it sustained me to lead a normal life. Last year I got ovarian cancer and at this stage I’m clear again of pain etc. Amanda addressed all the issues […]

Bev Betts

I can’t thank Claire Luckman enough for helping me to heal my body, in particular my skin. I started seeing Claire for hormonal imbalances which lead to cystic acne on the face, painful cramps, night sweats and poor circulation – not fun! Claire’s approach is nothing short of amazing, she empathised with me instantly and […]


I sought assistance (from Carmen Cooper) initially for sleep problems and advice on hormonal changes. Carmen has been marvellous. In all my appointments she is a delight to speak with, she takes time to cover topics and concerns thoroughly and she provides excellent support, advice and treatment options.


After having consulted health practitioners about my health concerns without any success, I went to Carmen expecting the same type of experience however it was quite the opposite. In fact in that first hour with her and for the first time ever, I felt like I was speaking to a professional who clearly understood what I was talking about and experiencing and who was able to connect the dots, explain everything to me in plain language and propose a concrete action plan.

Amelie S.

I am so impressed with Amanda! I saw her 6 weeks after having my little boy! I have an auto immune issue and a thyroid problem. For years I have seen thyroid specialists and just put up with feeling horrible. Within a month of seeing Amanda and taking the herbs and making easy adjustments to my diet..I feel so much better! My mood is better, my energy has increased!

Kellie M.

When we met with you we were sceptics about ever falling pregnant and we’re sure we would never be able to do it naturally. You took the time to understand our issues in full detail, and identify issues in our health that needed work and provided us with a road map to better our selves. Due to all this we have been blessed with our beautiful baby boy Elijah, and we are forever grateful for helping us.

Jean-Pierre & Rebecca

I can’t thank Amanda enough for how she has changed my life. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with the miracle child we were struggling to have. Amanda has been a naturopath, friend, counsellor and confidant for me throughout this process. She is a fountain of knowledge – incredibly professional and thorough in all of her dealings. I asked Amanda more advice throughout my pregnancy than my obstetrician or midwife, as I trust her opinion.

Anna Tennant

Dearest Amanda,
Who would have thought all those years ago that I would be writing 3 baby cards to you! Back when I thought just one precious baby was out of my reach and now we have three gorgeous children to care for, nurture and love. Thank you not only for all your professional support but for what you have personally given me.

Rachel and Chris