August 1st – 7th marks ‘World Breastfeeding Week’, with the theme for 2017 being ‘Sustaining Breastfeeding Together’.

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week we are offering a special treatment package for mothers of young children at the clinic. Whether you need support establishing breastfeeding with a newborn, encouraging milk supply, addressing common feeding issues or adrenal and nervous system support for the roller-coaster ride you are embarking on, we are here to assist you.

The treatment package includes a 30 minute ‘Mother Warming’ treatment with Acupuncturist Renee Boyd and a 30 minute Naturopathic and Nutrition consultation with Claire Luckman. As mothers of young children, both Renee and Claire understand the ups and downs that having newborns and young babies involves and how important it is to have professional support during those months as you navigate newborn feeding, sleeping as well as nourishing yourself.

‘Mother Warming’ is a specific treatment in Chinese Medicine for helping new mums recover from birth. It involves a heat therapy, moxibustion, that gently warms the acupuncture meridians that run through the body. It is a lovely soothing and therapeutic technique that is used to gently nourish and strengthen the body by helping to tone the uterus and aid recuperation after birth at a time when a woman needs to regain her strength to care for her newborn. ┬áMoxibustion is wonderfully energising and can be particularly beneficial to help gentle recovery from cesarean section. Mother Warming can be done at any time starting at 5-7 days postpartum providing there is no infection. Mothers than come in months after giving birth can also benefit from this treatment.

Nutritional and herbal support from a Naturopathic consultation can help new mums to encourage milk supply, reduce feeding issues for the baby including reflux and colic, support and nourish the nervous system to reduce the incidence of post-partum depression or anxiety, and encourage healing and recuperation after both natural and C-section births. Herbal medicine can be safely used by a qualified practitioner, along with certain nutritional supplements and dietary adjustments to provide a natural treatment plan to treat a range of health issues that can arise in the months following birth.


Treatment package is $120 inclusive of 1x 30 minute Mother Warming treatment with Renee Boyd and 1x 30 minute Naturopathic consultation with Claire Luckman. Health fund rebates may be available for both consultations depending on your health fund.

Availability: The consultations are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Renee and Wednesdays and Saturday mornings with Claire. If possible and convenient for you we will do our best to line them up on a Wednesday one after another. This is subject to availability.

Offer is available until August 31st 2017.

To book your appointment please phone reception on (02) 9555 8806 or email us-