Jacqui Manning

Jacqui Manning is a highly experienced psychologist who works intuitively to help people uncover and resolve issues in their life and work through their emotional pain.

People come to Jacqui to work on their anxiety, grief, relationships, self-worth and more.

Jacqui combines talking therapy with tapping (mostly commonly known as EFT), sometimes described as ’emotional acupuncture’, which is highly effective for anxiety and other issues.

She regularly appears in all media (TV, online, print, radio and podcasts), most recently being a therapist on reality series The Super Switch. Her motivation for speaking out in the media about emotional health is to break down the stigma that still exists about seeking help for our inner selves.

She has produced a relaxation track tailored for those trying to conceive (whether naturally or through IVF) called Planting the Seed…for Conception Joy, which has enabled many of her clients to remain calm throughout what can be a difficult journey.

For more information: www.jacquimanning.com.au