Claire Luckman

Claire Luckman Naturopath

Claire holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and is a warm, passionate and enthusiastic practitioner. Her treatment approach is holistic, realistic and individualised, with an emphasis on nutrition and using ‘food as medicine’.

Personal experience with hormonal conditions throughout her teens and early adulthood led Claire to study naturopathic medicine and she has since developed a keen interest in female reproductive health and hormonal disorders such as post-pill syndrome, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid conditions and hormonal imbalance.

Claire is also experienced in treating digestive conditions, mental health conditions including anxiety and depression, skin conditions including acne, psoriasis and eczema as well as adrenal health and stress support. Environmental toxins and the effects they can have on human health is another interest that Claire is passionate about, and she is a wealth of knowledge if you are looking to minimise your exposure to toxins that are sadly very prevalent in our modern environment.

As a mum of two little people she is passionate about empowering parents to utilise whole foods and natural medicine in order to achieve great health for their families. 
Claire is passionate about preconception care for both males and females, pregnancy health, men’s health and wellbeing, female reproductive health, children’s health and wellbeing (including behavioural problems) as well as stress support and gut health for all ages. Her goal is to address the underlying cause of health conditions and help clients discover natural ways to achieve optimal health.
Claire is passionate about teaching her clients to take control of their own health and heal themselves using what nature provides us with – nutrient dense whole foods, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements where necessary. Claire uses functional testing when there is a need to delve a little deeper in order to understand existing health concerns and find the right treatment for each individual.
Claire is available for consultations on Thursdays and Saturdays and via skype. For health tips and inspiration follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here – Claire Luckman Naturopath