Carmen Cooper

Carmen is a passionate Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist. Her extensive clinical experience of 12 years displays her passion for educating and inspiring people on their health and well-being journey.

Carmen holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and is registered with Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Carmen enjoys treating all general practice and has vast knowledge relating to gut health, hormonal health, allergies and chronic skin conditions. Her passion and speciality within our practice is reproductive health, fertility, post-natal care and repletion, peri-menopause, menopause, sleep disorders, mood disorders and adrenal function.

Carmen works with and refers to reputable allied health practitioners and specialist medical doctors to ensure integrative and holistic health care. Functional Pathology and Evidence-Based Practice are applied in her treatment protocol to address the root cause of your conditions.

As a mum of one very funny little person, she also thoroughly enjoys working with families and children.

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