postpartum health

After our beautiful baby is born the postpartum timeframe is often a time where adrenal and thyroid hormones can commonly become sluggish. This is due to profound hormonal change, less sleep and other factors that Carmen will discuss in the event. Often mothers need to be aware of postpartum thyroiditis and the connection with thyroid function and adrenal dysfunction, often causing postnatal depression (PND) and being misdiagnosed. We discuss how mothers can be further supported when attention is given to these deeper hormonal patterns.


Details: Tues March 24th, 6.15pm arrival, for a 6.30pm start.
Duration: 1 hour followed by question time
Herbal tea, fire cider and refreshments to be provided
RSVP by 21st March by emailing or calling the clinic on 02 9555 8806

This is the second event in our 2020 event series as Carmen talks about taking care of yourself as you adjust to new life. As you learn to care for your baby, you also need to ensure you have the resources to recover and cope. Carmen discusses what to expect both physically & emotionally and how to nourish yourself in this wonderful time.

We hope to see you soon!