February Cleanse at Darling Health

We are well and truly into the new year and have heard from some of our clients that their new years’ health resolutions may not be quite as on track as they had hoped. This got us thinking – the month of February is the perfect time to offer a ‘Cleanse Package’ to new and […]

Naturopath Carmen Cooper shares some insight into the connections between our brain and gut health. It is no secret anymore, how you are feeling is directly related to what is happening with your "second brain" - your gut. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach right? And who doesn't get "hangry". Most people are really driven by their gut feelings. It is of no coincidence, as evidence suggests the gut microbiome is essential to human health and the immune system and plays a major role in the bidirectional communication between the gut and the brain. The use of specific pre...

When there’s uncertainty in our lives we often feel at least a small measure of anxiety. All of us like to feel that we are in control of our lives, something which is usually not the case but it makes us feel better to have this healthy illusion anyhow! Darling Street Health’s resident psychologist Jacqui Manning shares some advice on how to cope with uncertainty.

Wondering what seeing a Naturopath involves? Read on to find out what a Naturopath does, what conditions they can treat and what to expect from an appointment.