Herbal Medicine for Mens health

Did you read our recent blog post all about “Manopause”? Stress, poor nutrition, environmental exposures and lifestyle habits can all adversely affect men’s health, especially when it comes to their hormone levels and fertility.

Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, however we’re seeing men of reproductive age with testosterone levels much lower than they should be with a direct effect on reproductive outcome. Even if conception is not in the picture for men, herbal medicine can work wonders on supporting health testosterone levels necessary for optimal hormonal health, as well as assisting with stress response, inflammation, lack of physical and mental stamina and feelings of anxiety or low mood. A few of our favourite herbs to use in clinic when supporting our male clients are:

Tribulus – A herb used frequently when addressing low testosterone levels, Tribulus is considered an aphrodisiac and a male hormonal tonic as it assists with erectile dysfunction, low sperm count or motility and low libido. It is also protective of the liver and is used to lower elevated cholesterol or triglycerides, making it a great herb when addressing cardiovascular disease. In Eastern Europe Tribulus is considered to be a sexual tonic for men and used to increase muscle mass and help with physical performance.

Korean Ginseng – Considered a male tonic, Korean ginseng boasts numerous health benefits; supportive of the nervous system where there is depression, exhaustion or emotional weakness, useful in addressing erectile dysfunction and in times of convalescence, restorative in any chronic health condition and where there is decreased mental and physical capacities, diminished concentration, poor memory and loss of physical stamina particularly after illness or chronic stress. Korean ginseng gives the body fuel and supports the adrenal glands so the body is able to respond to stress in a healthy way. If there is insomnia or a person is overstimulated mentally, this herb may not be the best fit so it is always important to chat with your Naturopath before using this herb.

Rhodiola – Cooling and drying, Rhodiola is an anti-inflammatory tonic herb that is beneficial during times of physical, emotional or mental stress. It is used to increase physical endurance and productivity and enhance mental performance and concentration. It is what we call an ‘immune-modulator’, helping to balance the immune system, supporting and strengthening it when a client is immune deficient as well as where there is over-activity of the immune system, such as in autoimmune disease. When it comes to fertility, we use Rhodiola to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence, and to support the nervous system in times of stress, low mood or anxiety.

For more information on men’s health check out the recent post on “manopause” here.

This year is your year. Working with a naturopath and your doctor may help to uncover and address the underlying causes, to ensure your quality of life now and into old age.

By Naturopath Claire Luckman

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