Rest and relaxation

As the year end approaches, I would like to say thank you to all our wonderful patients who have shared their stories and have entrusted us with their health challenges throughout this year. Many of my patients have shared with me that 2019 has been a year peppered by difficulties and have expressed that they are looking forward to a more positive and hopeful 2020. And during this time and through the festive season it can be a meaningful time to connect with some of the pillars of health and longevity found to be echoed amongst the “Blue Zone” communities known for their health and longevity.

The fundamental practices of these communities are often referred to as the “Power 9” and provide simple but powerful reminders for all our health. They are to remember to

  1. Move Naturally
  2. Find or reconnect to your purpose
  3. Down Shift – find time for a nap, some deep breathing, sunshine etc
  4. 80% rule – remember to eat until feeling 80% full
  5. Plant slant – people in the “Blue Zones” whilst not being vegetarian, consume a predominantly plant based diet
  6. Wine at 5 – Wine during this festive season can be a lovely ritual, however please remember those who reside in the blue zones may drink regularly but very moderately with friends, with food and with celebration
  7. Belong – find your connections, faith or soulful practices
  8. Loved ones first – remember to value and have gratitude for our loved ones
  9. Right tribe – surround yourselves with like-minded people with similar habits that promote happiness and health and make you feel good about being you
Blue Zone Okinawa Japanese women


Take a rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop” – Ovid

One of the wonderful things the festive season can bring is the opportunity for rest. We are learning more about the importance of rest as being very distinct from sleep. I encourage all our patients to find the space to go slow and bank some rest. Many of you will look at me puzzled when I ask you what you do for relaxation or when are you lazy?  And then explain that you feel too guilty or indulgent if you give yourself permission to go slow.

Well maybe the end of year could be the time to put the guilt to bed and look at putting rest, ritual and relaxation on your news years resolution list. Rest may feel like a foreign concept but any intention around time for quiet and peace could be exactly what your health, relationships and ongoing commitments may need to provide improved energy and joy. We are also learning that both sleep and relaxation is where the healing and health magic really happens whether that be mental, hormonal, digestive or ageing health issues. All too regularly people will tell you they are “stressed” or “busy” when you ask how they are. This constant hum in our bodies can undermine our health quite profoundly.

So for this festive season I wish you all some stillness, laziness, quite a few deep breaths and a lot of horizontal time and the hope for a renewed and refreshed 2020.  And we look forward to seeing you all in the new year,

With love, Amanda Haberecht xx