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I know that we talk a lot about periods and poo at Darling Health. But, I also want to reach out and remind the menfolk occasionally that we are here for you fellas as well. I realised this year when I have had a few of my wonderful male patients turn up for a new year tweak that we forget to remind you blokes that your hormones, habit, diet and gut function can all be shined up with some investigation and new year naturopathic care. 

Functional naturopathic medicine can offer men a personalised and focussed approach to their health. We have very comprehensive range of hormonal, nutritional and DNA panels. These can help identify any potential genetic risks, nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances.  Testosterone for example is a wonderful and vital hormone. It’s good for your mood, concentration, fat to muscle ratio, sexual and reproductive function. Lucky for you guys it can be improved well into old age.

At Darling Health, we can refer you for comprehensive hormonal testing. This allows us to look at your reproductive and adrenal hormone profiles. These profiles can provide valuable information to help with your mood, stress resilience, sleep, energy as well as your bedroom action! Anyway, fellas we are just here when you are ready to take a step towards feeling better.

Wishing all our wonderful patients and supporters a happy start to 2020.

Love Amanda Haberecht xx

If you’ve just read this and feel like this could be you, ready to take a step towards feeling better, then click on the contact us link below or call our reception on 9555 8806 to book an appointment today with one of our wonderful and experienced Naturopaths.