Welcome to Darling Street Health’s first blog post for 2014. We hope that your new year may be filled with happiness and health. February of course is detox month at the clinic and we welcome you to embark on a new year cleanse with one of our naturopaths. More structured programs that include a hemaview ( live blood analysis) at the beginning and completion of your detox, detox herbs, probiotics etc are available. Please feel free to discuss these programs further with reception or your practitioner.

It might also be more fun and suitable for you to participate in a community detox program. See our events page for more details.

Beginning your year with a detox provides a great opportunity to set your new year intentions and health goals. Having a mental detox alongside your physical detox can help you let go of your past year and its struggles and allow you to renew the new year with patterns that honour your health and mood. Whilst detoxing ensure you create positive moments that you can look forward to during this time. Some ideas are

* Buy yourself flowers

* Book a massage, facial, some reiki

* Sleep in whenever you can and avoid waking to an alarm

* Meditate or spend some time each day just emptying your thoughts

* Listen to music instead of watching TV.

* Bath with epsom salts

* Try a different exercise – dance, yoga, cross fit, skip or remember just to walk

* Remember or record all the things you are grateful for

Detoxing can be a profound time, enjoy the renewal and fresh intentional start to your 2014.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new clinic space to help you on your detox journey.