Do you have health-related New Year’s Resolutions that are proving difficult to stick to? Want to lose weight, increase your energy, clear up your skin, improve your sleep and better manage your stress? Every year at the clinic we find that the month of February is the best time to regain your focus and put those resolutions into practice, so once again starting in February 2020 we will be offering our ‘Cleanse Package’ to new and existing clients who are looking to regain focus on their health.

Stress, inflammation, end of year overindulgence, poor gut health, environmental pollutants and unfortunately this year especially so, air pollution, can wreak havoc on our health and leave us feeling unwell and far from optimal. Our digestive systems easily become overburdened and this can result in an array of different health concerns ranging from skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, lowered mood or heightened stress and anxiety, poor digestive function, fatigue, chronic pain, infertility and more.

At Darling Health our cleanse focuses on gently supporting our detoxifying organs (including the gut) and nourishing our bodies with nutrients, herbs, wholefoods and holistic lifestyle changes. We believe in mindful cleansing and include suggestions which focus on not only physical but also your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and centre around self-care rituals.

The Cleanse Package includes 3 consultations over a month-long period and is INDIVIDUALISED to each person, as no two bodies are the same.

The investment is $195 and includes:

  • Your 1 hour initial consultation, which involves thorough investigation into your current state of health. Please be sure to bring along any recent pathology that you may have. A detailed and personalised cleanse treatment plan will be issued during this consultation, with plenty of guidance around diet, lifestyle factors and stress management.
  • A second 30 minute check-in consultation 2 weeks later. This check-in is designed to see how you are progressing with your cleanse and to keep you motivated and on track, as well as provide any adjustments to your treatment plan.
  • Your final 30 minute consultation where a medium-term plan will be designed so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your cleanse.

Your initial treatment plan will include diet and lifestyle modifications, meal suggestions, shopping guidance as well as nutritional and herbal supplements (not included in cost) that are individually designed for your cleanse.

Whether you have overindulged this Christmas, you’re planning a pregnancy, recovering from IVF, have stubborn gut issues, autoimmune or thyroid disease or you are feeling fatigued and not your best, let our experienced Naturopaths guide you towards better, more vibrant health.

There is an option for adding dark field microscopy analysis to your Cleanse Package, so please ask our friendly reception team for more information if you are interested in doing so.

Please call or email our reception team to book in your Cleanse Package with one of our experienced Naturopaths and Nutritionists. Consults can be done via phone/Skype if you cannot do face-to-face. Phone 02 9555 8806 or email