It’s back! Emma’s online Community Cleanse is the answer to fatigue, weight gain and low vitality! Kicking off JUNE 1st 2014, join in the experience of a community who are passionate about achieving results, not just talking about it.

Delivered via a closed Facebook group you have 24/7 accessibility to an endless supply of information.

For General Members, sign up and receive:

• the official Community Cleanse book with all the information in one convenient location

• 4 weeks of menu plans, recipes & shopping lists

• health based informative 1-2 minute videos

• a list of resources, a “go to” guide

• access to a 24/7 Facebook page where Emma and her team will be there to answer questions and share tips. You will hear from a group of like minded individuals also looking for exceptional results. It’s all about leveraging your results through your “circle of influence”!

• access to live Q&A’s with leading industry experts

• access to CD member discount offers

• invites to CD events such as shopping tours, WICD brunch

• inspiration quotes that will fire your engine

• a buddy system if you don’t have one

• the chance to have a product of your choice reviewed by our panel of experts

• 28 days of amazing support and positive energy

• all the information you will ever need to guarantee you reach your health goal!

Many of us are feeling tired, frumpy and bloated by this time of year and the easiest way to put the bounce back in your step is by detoxing. Environmental toxins, preservatives, pesticides, stress, alcohol and coffee shift your body into an acidic state where you easily put on weight and lack energy. By eliminating these harmful factors from your life your body will be able to return to its natural state of vibrant health.

100% of the participants on Emma’s last Community Cleanse said they would recommend it to their family and friends, that’s how amazing they felt at the end. And 90% said they would do it again – welcome back those experienced CD’ers!

The four most common results from last CD were:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Great energy, more positivity
  3. Glowing skin
  4. No bloating

Other results included clearer thinking, better sleep, zero food cravings and regular bowels.

Detox is the perfect solution to alleviate:

• Festive weight gain 
• Recurrent bloating and sluggishness 
• Irregular bowels 
• Skin breakouts 
• Lethargy and fatigue

Throughout detox Emma will be sharing with you over ten years of experience and information that her clients love. Menu plans, shopping lists, recipes and tips will help assist in a seamless transition to the very best version of yourself and ensure you get incredible results.

Emma has Resident Gurus that can answer your questions as well as many Preferred Practitioners that can help you on a personal level!

Last February the Community Cleanse was astounding and people couldn’t believe how much weight they lost and energy they gained. What completely blew Emma away was how supportive everyone was and how motivating the group was. It was like having a team of people cheering you on and keeping you accountable.

Emma thoroughly recommends joining up with a Cleanse buddy for some extra accountability. The group will keep you motivated and Emma will keep you excited the entire 28 days with my yummy food ideas!

If one of your goals is to lose weight then we highly recommend taking Emma’s Weight Removal Drops as they work synergistically to get better results and doing the Master Cleanse Level 3 option.