child in good health
Darling Health Naturopath + Nutritionist Claire Luckman is offering a new consult type specifically for kids (12 years and under) – a 30-minute appointment including general kid’s nutrition advice and a natural approach to any health issues your child may be experiencing. Claire is highly experienced in treating children with herbs, supplements and wholefoods and can assist with numerous health problems affecting children including allergies, food intolerance, eczema, developmental and mood disorders (ADHD, autism, sensory issues and anxiety), lowered immunity, fussy eating and more. Nutrition specific to children and their daily nutrient requirements is a passion of Claire’s, and she...
Fertility Coaching

Darling Health is excited to introduce our new Fertility Coaching consultations. Fertility has its challenges and many individuals/couples can feel very overwhelmed by suggestions and advice they receive whilst trying to conceive. Your body’s natural fertility can be greatly enhanced by diet and lifestyle shifts, which can improve egg and sperm health and address specific […]

Herbal Medicine for Mens health
Did you read our recent blog post all about "Manopause"? Stress, poor nutrition, environmental exposures and lifestyle habits can all adversely affect men's health, especially when it comes to their hormone levels and fertility. Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, however we're seeing men of reproductive age with testosterone levels much lower than they should be with a direct effect on reproductive outcome. Even if conception is not in the picture for men, herbal medicine can work wonders on supporting health testosterone levels necessary for optimal hormonal health, as well as assisting with stress response, inflammation, lack of physical and...
February Cleanse at Darling Health

We are well and truly into the new year and have heard from some of our clients that their new years’ health resolutions may not be quite as on track as they had hoped. This got us thinking – the month of February is the perfect time to offer a ‘Cleanse Package’ to new and […]

Children's immune health

Does your little one catch every cold, flu and virus making the rounds at school or daycare? The cooler months are upon us so now is the time to boost your child’s immune system and avoid the nasty bugs that this time of year inevitably brings. Book in for a 30 minute ACUTE kid’s consult with Carmen Cooper.