express immune consultations

The cooler months are upon us as the change of season approaches. This year, like all years, we want everyone to achieve their full potential in health, happiness and vitality but we also want to assist in minimising the risk and symptoms of flu, including the COVID-19. We are offering 30 minute express appointments with […]

postpartum health

After our beautiful baby is born the postpartum timeframe is often a time where adrenal and thyroid hormones can commonly become sluggish. This is due to profound hormonal change, less sleep and other factors that Carmen will discuss in the event. Often mothers need to be aware of postpartum thyroiditis and the connection with thyroid […]

self-care and ritual talk with Amanda Haberecht

Why are self-care rituals so important? How can I motivate myself to self-care? What are the types of self-care? Women often travel through both hard times and good times quietly and too often without space for self – care or reflection. Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings […]

Do you have health-related New Year’s Resolutions that are proving difficult to stick to? Want to lose weight, increase your energy, clear up your skin, improve your sleep and better manage your stress? Every year at the clinic we find that the month of February is the best time to regain your focus and put those […]

Many people are concerned about the negative impacts that chemicals and toxins present in our environment have on their health, and scientific research is backing up these fears. It’s not just the the chemicals found in food, water or even the air we breathe, but the toxins in our personal care products, our household cleaners, kids […]