Darling Health is looking for a capable person to perform reception/front-desk duties and dispensary tasks. If this is the job for you please contact our Practice Manager Carmen via email – carmen@darlinghealth.com.au with a cover letter and resume by Saturday 17th Feb 2018.

When there‚Äôs uncertainty in our lives we often feel at least a small measure of anxiety. All of us like to feel that we are in control of our lives, something which is usually not the case but it makes us feel better to have this healthy illusion anyhow! Darling Street Health’s resident psychologist Jacqui Manning shares some advice on how to cope with uncertainty.

Wondering what seeing a Naturopath involves? Read on to find out what a Naturopath does, what conditions they can treat and what to expect from an appointment.

In need of a little self-care? We have a wonderful new Massage Therapist who has joined our team at the clinic. Read on to find out a little about Rachel, what she offers and why massage is so important for your health and well being.