We all know the importance of good nutrition, exercise and doing crosswords but are there any surprising things we can do to help ourselves age well? Yes, laugh a lot, get plenty of sleep and have a great sex life. All of these activities release endorphins which are our bodies natural anti aging compounds. As well as helping you to age gracefully, these activities also tell your adrenal glands to stop producing stress hormones and allow your body to relax and unwind. This is absolutely crucial for a long and healthy life!

An adult needs 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night. If your level of activity is high and you are on the go all day long it is even more important that you get enough quality, not just quantity. When your body is sleeping it is performing critical activities such as healing,repairing and detoxing. Sleep deprivation has many negative outcomes and a recent study revealed that those who experienced poor sleep found it far more difficult to maintain a healthy weight!

Resveratrol is the latest in anti aging supplements due to its ability to reduce free radical activity as well as the negative effect of toxins. Resveratrol  slows down how quickly our cells deteriorate as well as acting as a powerful antioxidant.

At Darling Street Health Centre, our naturopaths can easily assess your level of free radical activity with a simple, non invasive test. The ORAXx test kit measures the level of free radical activity and also indicates the level of antioxidant intake required to remedy the situation. This is a simple urinary test which that can be performed within minutes and in the comfort of your home in the morning of your next consultation. To purchase a test kit ($25) and for further information, please call reception on 9555 8806.