Darling Street Health’s new Massage Therapist Kate Bolinger explains one of the treatments she offers at the clinic- Amma Therapy.

‘Amma Therapy is a type of massage based on the principles of Chinese medicine involving Qi (energy) that underlies the physical body. When the energy becomes off balance, physical signs and symptoms will manifest. During Amma, the energy channels are manipulated by hand using a deep and circular pressure without the use of oil. Balance and health is restored by applying pressure to different acupuncture points, based upon the physical symptoms exhibited by the individual. Amma literally translates to “push-pull.”

I find this type of massage to be more invigorating than a traditional Swedish based massage treatment which encourages relaxation. Amma Therapy would be a great option for someone who prefers an oil free massage or as an alternative to acupuncture. Clients who are very sensitive to needling may prefer this type of energetic bodywork, which like acupuncture, can result in powerful change. I have had clients who prefer it because of its uplifting quality. My clients describe to me the energy buzz they feel afterwards and how it follows them throughout their day.

I often incorporate Amma into my massage treatments preferably at the start before applying oil, or at the finish when the client is covered with draping. I have found over many years of practice and thousands of massages that a holistic approach to treating a person using a combination of therapies is often more therapeutic and can produce a more rapid change than devoting a massage to a single, specific modality’.

Kate is available Monday’s and Thursday’s from 9am-2pm for appointments. Please call or email us for more information and to book.