Children's immune health

Does your little one catch every cold, flu and virus making the rounds at school or daycare? Now is the time to boost your child’s immune system and avoid the nasty bugs that school and daycare inevitably bring.

An ACUTE 30-minute consultation with Carmen Cooper is designed to specifically deal with kids and babies health of all ages, even teenagers. It can be to do with children’s immune health or other health concerns, from digestive to skin needs. Using diet, lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine Carmen provides a holistic treatment plan tailored to your child’s health. A preventative approach is best when it comes to children’s immune health so starting your child on a treatment plan sooner rather than later is advised. However, if your child has already come down with a cold, a persistent cough or sniffly nose that isn’t going away then we can book you in ASAP to see Carmen and begin treatment.

Carmen is experienced in treating a range of children’s health conditions including poor immunity, colds and flu, persistent coughs, allergies, food intolerance, digestive complaints, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, mood, behavioural disorders and more. Using dietary changes, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine she provides individualised, holistic and realistic treatment plans suited to school-aged children as well as babies and toddlers.
Consultation fee is $75.

Please call or email us at the clinic to find out Carmen’s availability and more information.

P: (02) 9555 8806

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