Nutrition plays a vital role in the health and well being of our children. Heading into a new school year presents the perfect opportunity to give their immune systems a boost and enhance their learning and concentration potential, and this can be done through dietary changes along with specific nutritional and herbal supplementation.

An ACUTE 30-minute consultation with Carmen Cooper is designed to specifically deal with kids health and guide you to make the best choices for your children as they head back to school (and back to the germs!).

Carmen is experienced in treating a range of children’s health conditions including poor immunity, allergies, food intolerance, digestive complaints, skin conditions, behavioural and learning problems and more. Using dietary changes, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine she provides individualised, holistic and realistic treatment plans suited to school-aged children as well as babies and toddlers.
Consultation fee is $75.
Please call us at the clinic to find out Carmen’s availability and more information or send us an email enquiry.
P: (02) 9555 8806