acupressure for stress

For those needing a little Zen during lockdown, let me introduce you to one of my favourite acupuncture points — Heart 7. The translation of this point means “Spirit Gate” and it is the foremost acupuncture point to calm and regulate the emotions.

When our Heart is settled and protected, our Spirit is anchored and resides calmly. However, the Spirit is easily disturbed by shock and trauma which can cause it to fly away like a flock of startled birds. Additionally, when the Spirit leaves the Heart, the harmony is lost. The Spirit becomes restless and unquiet, resulting in feelings of anxiety and fearfulness, poor memory, depression, worry and disturbed sleep.

Being the innermost gateway to the heart, Heart-7, can restore peace and harmony to the Spirit. It calms the mind, easing anxiety, stress, grief and fear. It is also a great point when feeling anxious and unsettled or during times of loss and trauma. Also, it can help with the healing of a broken heart and assisting with a more peaceful sleep.

Heart-7 point lies on the inner wrist crease, towards the pinky finger side of the wrist in a little crease. Feel for a hollow at the base of the pisiform bone. Apply gentle pressure for two or three minutes, or until you feel the Qi moving. This may mean you start to feel your state change to feeling more relaxed and centred. Treat it as a little meditation on your heart.