change pattern darling health

How change is only a pattern waiting to be created. Our world is made up of patterns. The way we eat, spend money, the time we spend with ourselves and others, gosh, even the way we shower in the morning, is a pattern.

Patterns are repetitive actions, behaviours or habits established over a period of time which, become familiar to us and are second nature. When we commit to a new way of being, be it food, a behaviour, or exercise, remembering that all we are doing is creating a new pattern ie. way of being, would serve us well. When we have the perception of not changing the way we act, behave or eat for example, we are quick to criticise and judge ourselves often feeling hopeless when we fall into our old way of being.

The old pattern (way of being) is known and does not take much time or effort. It is like driving a car, often it happens without even a second thought. The new pattern, behaviour or habit is unknown and still forming which takes considerable time, attention and effort until it becomes our auto pilot.

Like the first time we drove a car. We need to be present, understand why we are undertaking the change, i.e. what the outcome or benefit will be and, consciously choose the new way which can often feel uncomfortable.

The longer the pattern has been in existence, the deeper its roots i.e more effort to change. When we can recognise in our simplest form we are a symmetry of patterns, working with and changing them can be seen in a new light.

Ways in which we can create a new pattern:

  • Know your why: Why do you want to create this new pattern? Why is it important to you and what will be the expected benefit or outcome?
  • Small incremental change: Ripping the bandaid off can hurt! Implementing or naming one thing you are going to change this week and consistently choose that one thing for one week builds the pattern leading to overall change.
  • Write It Down: Whatever you are choosing to change, write it down including your why. Writing brings thought into action i.e. out of your head into reality. Reviewing it daily and noting your daily progress with it, is not only motivating but reminds you daily WHY it is important to you.

To acknowledge our behaviours and habits as simply a pattern, can lighten the load and separate ourselves from our seemingly struggle to change. In its place, we may just find compassion for ourselves and empower us to choose a different thought, behaviour and new found pattern.

Everything is possible.

Be the change

Amanda Schembri xo