With the changing of seasons and the buzz of a new year settling down, March offers the perfect opportunity to regain focus on your health and give your body a helping hand with a detox. 21 days is ample time to commit to healthy eating and create new habits around your diet, lifestyle and self-care practices. Detoxing involves body, mind and soul so we invite you to join us for 21 days of clean eating, increased exercising and implementing some rituals into your daily life that are enriching for your mind and soul.

We are offering ‘Detox Consults’ at the beginning and end of March to start and finish your cleanse, and these consults will include a live blood analysis using our Haemaview equipment in clinic. This is a fantastic tool that allows your practitioner to analyse the state of your cells before and after your detox and can show improvements in inflammation, oxidative damage, immune and gut disturbances and more!

To keep you motivated and inspired throughout the 21 days we will be posting tips, tricks, recipes, inspiration and strategies on our social media so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep on track.

The investment is $195 which is inclusive of two 1 hour consultations, one at the start of your detox and one at the end, both including a live blood analysis. Your treatment plan will include diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional and herbal supplements (not included in cost) that are individually designed for your 21 day detox program. You will also receive our Detox Program e-book to help keep you motivated and on track during your cleanse.

To book please call or email the clinic on (02) 9555 8807 or reception@darlinghealth.com.au